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Press Reviews about the Author

Teaching history through stories is Titus Müller’s greatest talent.

– Bayern 2

This is how you imagine a young intellectual ... wide-awake and good-humored.


Titus Müller’s readings are legendary. The writer tells of the past as excitingly as if he had been there himself.

– Rhein-Zeitung

In his novels, he cavalierly broaches the pros and cons of Christian belief, the heroes and the horrors of European religious history.

– DeutschlandRadio

Titus Müller is among the best and most creative novelists in German. [His] characters come alive as fully formed individuals in the eyes of his readers. Travel with them into the past and take part in historical events.

– Alex Dengler, www.denglers-buchkritik.de

An astonishing author.

– Hessischer Rundfunk

Titus Müller is a master of opulent historical novels.


A rhetorically skillful narrator, who can depict the past using an astonishingly detailed point of view, portray personalities, amaze with anecdotes, and make historical events live again.

– Landshuter Zeitung

The Foreign Spy

Titus Müller brings a part of German-German history so tangibly to life that it touches the heart. Yet he does so in a way that is fresh, vivid, and also empathetic. This alone would make the book a special reading experience, but there’s more. It is also unbelievably exciting!

– Kerstin Burlage, Bremen2

The devious cat and mouse games between the various intelligence services are fun to read.

– Haiko Kàcserik-Maczek, Filmtick

Well researched [...]. Due to numerous unexpected twists, the plot [is] not predictable. The tension continuously ratchets up, which is undeniably beneficial for a spy novel.

– Bodo Hechelhammer, Chief Historian from German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in CrimeMag

Like always, Müller has done exacting research [...]. His contemporary historical novel is quite exciting. The experience feels up close and personal.

– Peter Zander, Berliner Morgenpost

Exciting, intriguing, and fascinating: cast your eyes on a clear depiction of recent German history that changed our country forever.

– Birgit Stöckel, Belletristik-Couch.de

Enthralling and captivating. An incredible trip through time that brings Erich Honecker, John F. Kennedy, and Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski back to life.

– tina

An instructive novel that is well worth reading, beyond black and white outlines.

– Meike Dannenberg, BÜCHER

A clear and well-written historical thriller.

– Uli Karg, Landshuter Zeitung

An exciting piece of post-war history, brilliantly written from one of the great, contemporary authors.

– Beate Rottgardt, Ruhr Nachrichten

Ria is a heroine who will remain forever in your heart. Beautiful, clever, and courageous above everything else. A woman who dares.

– Lutz Langer, HAUPTSTADT TV

The Golden Years of Franz Tausend

Convincingly based on well-researched historical knowledge. ... An homage to Carl von Ossietzky, publicist of the World Stage [Weltbühne], who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1936 and died in 1938 as a result of his imprisonment in a concentration camp.

– Uta Biestmann-Kotte, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

Thrillingly narrated, and yet also a highly interesting lesson on history. Our reading tip of the week!

– Sabine Hickmann, Radio Zwickau

With this novel, Titus Müller has succeeded in a marvelous and colorful portrait of the 1920s. The thrilling history of betrayal is stylishly told, but actually revolves around con men. Due to this, it is especially relevant today.

Buch der Woche von Matthias Zehnder in Zusammenarbeit mit Bider & Tanner, Basel

A fascinating panorama arises of Germany at the turning point from the 1920s to the 30s [...] with insightful depictions of people from this time.

– Dr. Jörg Raach und Julia Kratzer, kunstundmedien.de

A sophisticated tapestry with elements from thrillers and romance [...] full of detailed, biographical research.

– Walter Buckl, Donaukurier

Day X

There are few books which are such a pleasure and so beneficial to read.

– Marcela Drumm, SWR2

A historical novel, exciting spy thriller, and two love stories united into a well-balanced read.

– Ulrike Bletzer, Rhein-Zeitung

Hollywood, please turn this into a film!

– Grazia

Titus Müller is a lively and at the same time very precise narrator.

– Cornelia Geissler, Berliner Zeitung

Exciting historical drama ... The fast-paced and thrilling way in which Müller plays with reality is not far from the tragic truth.

– Steffen Könau, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

An authentic novel about the uprising of 17 June.

– SUPERillu

An excellent, sweeping novel that veritably sucks the reader into the past and leaves them feeling as if they were at the heart of the action. This is due on the one hand to the subject matter, which is still relatively ›untouched‹ and exciting in itself, and on the other to the author’s storytelling, which manages to whisk the reader away and take them through the events in a manner only very few writers can achieve.

– Birgit Borloni, Histo-Couch.de

A magnificent novel.

– Biggi Müller, Belgischer Rundfunk BRF1

Titus Müller creates impressive three-dimensional characters in his protagonists.

– Claudia Schmid, Kriminetz

Berlin, Land of Fire

The recently published novel »Berlin, Land of Fire« is packed with historical insight about the German capital. Titus Müller has succeeded in writing a highly entertaining historical novel set at the time of the March Revolution.

– Jochen Kienbaum, RBB Fernsehen, »Abendschau«

One of this novel’s great strengths is how the historical characters are genuinely brought to life by their personalities and their actions – one example being Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV. ... With the extremely intensified events and exact descriptions of the milieu, Müller succeeds in creating a historical snapshot that simply shines.

– Patric Seibel, NDR Kultur

This historical novel is most enjoyable when it is portraying the city itself, which at the time was home to some 400,000 souls. How it bubbles and seethes at every corner, how more and more Berliners gather to protest despite a ban on public assemblies, ultimately in their tens of thousands at the Tiergarten.

– Peter Zander, Berliner Morgenpost

The March revolution, before so distant, here becomes something up close.

– Hella Kaiser, Der Tagesspiegel

Müller combines carefully researched historical and political contexts, a credible love story and a gripping plot.

– Elisabeth Dietz, BÜCHER

It is interesting to read about life in the City Palace, which includes political intrigue and the folly of the powerful.

– Kajsa Niehusen, Zitty

Atmospherically dense and very gripping ... In his novel Titus Müller tells of the first days of the March Revolution of 1848. ... Thus is how history entertains.

– Cathrin Brackmann, WDR4


Titus Müller skillfully connects his disparate narrative threads – the exactingly researched events from the war with the private fates of the characters, the fictive spy novel with the gruesome reality.

– Margarete von Schwarzkopf, NDR1

Titus Müller uses his characters’ moving fates to render a key moment of German history tangible.

– Elena Zay, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

A gripping, well-constructed novel with real, historical background. Read something marvelous! Two thumbs up!

– Cathrin Brackmann, WDR4

Not only does the way Titus Müller addresses the dramatic events make for breathtaking reading, but it is fascinating to note how tremendously close he is to his characters.

– Andrea Herdegen, Frankenpost

With »Nighteye«, Titus Müller has written a wonderful historical novel which on the one hand is a gripping spy thriller; on the other it is a touching love story amidst the horror that is inspired by true events.

– Sibylle Peine, Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa

Titus Müller’s »Nighteye« is a towering accomplishment that need not hide behind titans of the genre such as Robert Harris.

– Florian Launus, Westdeutsche Zeitung

Two stories: one highly exciting, one highly emotional.

– Marion Seemann, WDR Fernsehen, »Lokalzeit«

Dance Beneath the Stars

Two very different people come together and start afresh, having found each other in the face of catastrophe: Müller proves himself to be a silver-tongued spinner of tales.

– Hamburger Abendblatt

The daily life on board the famous ship provides the meat for Müller’s tale, even more than Hensen’s »Psalm at Journey’s End«. Anyone who wants to learn more about the luxury liner and her catastrophic end will get their money’s worth.

– Schweizer Radio DRS1

Thrillingly worked-out details.


The meticulously researched details breathe so much live into Müller’s story as he sketches out an image of Berlin on the eve of the First World War.

– Wiesbadener Kurier

Titus Müller understands brilliantly how to artistically weave the threads and figures of his story into a portrait of the period.


The tale dances gracefully between a love story, a drama, a social documentary, and other genres, including the detective novel. Outstanding entertainment, splendidly narrated, gripping up to the final page!

– Der Hörspiegel

The Mystery

Fascinating narrative, exquisitely well researched. From a pure study of the Munich milieu via a coming-of-age novel to a thriller.

– DeutschlandRadio Kultur

Masterful command of detail! Entertainment at the highest level!

– Magdeburger Volksstimme

Evoking brilliant images, correct in the smallest detail, and with masterfully convoluted levels of narration, Müller sketches the story of the »Perfect«, the secretive sect of the Cathars.

– Allgemeine Zeitung

A master of disguise, a sinister secret, the Inquisition, magicians, and the sacred legacy – a gripping book!

– Märkische Allgemeine

Marked for Death

Enthralling and touching.

– Buchreport Magazin

A gripping historical thriller with intelligent discussions about God’s justice.


More suspenseful than any disaster movie. An eloquent, occasionally almost lyrically formulated narrative.

– DeutschlandRadio Kultur

A historical treat!

– Bild am Sonntag

A dramatic romance.

– Schweizer Radio DRS1

The Spectacle Maker

An atmospheric historical novel! Full of details, imagery, aromas.

– Bild am Sonntag

Titus Müller lets the grand drama of medieval England play out against a sensitively sketched backdrop. Well researched!

– DeutschlandRadio Kultur

A medieval novel full of intrigue, narrated in beautiful prose.


The Priest’s Daughter

Visually overwhelming, powerfully written with a masterful grasp of language. The love story between the priest’s daughter and the bold Frankish prisoner touches the reader.

– Berliner Morgenpost

A captivating story, set in the area around Rethra, about a secretive Templar castle. Christian zeal and pagan rebellion powerfully collide.

– Ostsee-Zeitung

Gripping and historically detailed. The book captivates because of its unconventional main characters.

– Märkische Allgemeine

Calligrapher to the Bishop

A book about the horrors of war and the beauty of writing.

– Wirtschaftswoche

The atmosphere is solid. A reputable debut for a young German author.

– Bild am Sonntag

The story is gripping, the language is easy to follow, mature, and ambitious all at once.

– Braunschweiger Zeitung