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Müller unites several thrilling topics: religious questions, political greed, and the fascinating forbidden knowledge about libraries and their contents. Matters of the heart don't receive short shrift either. Boring? Kitschy? Not one bit. – Buchjournal

An entertaining novel about an historical event that ushered in a new era. Lively and appealingly written. – Leser-Welt

Titus Müller has succeeded in the most delightful way in weaving historical facts into an interesting and thrilling work of fiction. – Bücher

Müller, the medieval historian, writes entertainingly and well, and also historically accurately. – ekz

The first pages that one reads set the style, eloquence, and tone of the narrative - the depiction of the storm on the high seas appears tremendously vivid, colorful, and dauntingly realistic. Titus Müller writes historically, factually, and adeptly, with an amazing sense for atmospheric details. Yet he never loses track of the broader story. – Frederic Vollenweider,

Embedded in a thrilling frame story, this novel offers exciting hours of reading with depth. – pro

Well researched, thrillingly written. – Leselust