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A truly exciting novel packed with fascinating details about the subterranean stone cities. – Manuela Frieß, Augsburger Allgemeine

Highly believable and unusual characters. – Julia Behrens,

Titus Müller is a wonderful storyteller who transforms every book into something special. – Gabi Neumayer,

Gets you hoping he’ll write more books for young adults. – Claudia Heeschen, Claudias Bücherregal

A successful historical novel for youths and adults, written with great care and convincingly constructed. – Rita Dell'Agnese,

I was very impressed by the characters Titus Müller created for his story. We are offered far more than black and white; the characters are extremely multifaceted and you get to see both their good and their bad side. Nobody is perfect, everyone is flawed. A tribute to friendship that survives all adversity. – Eva Loddeke, Tea, Chocolate and Books

Well-researched and vividly described everyday situations. – Béatrice Wälti, querlesen

A highly unusual book. You will be struck by its intensity and feeling, yet it is never cheesy for a moment. Highly recommended! – Fabella/Sandra Budde, Buchzeiten

The tender love story, which is doomed to fail and crosses all boundaries, touched my heart. – Anka Malterer, Ankas Geblubber

It was wonderful to witness the couple’s story, their love that is not supposed to be. I couldn’t put it down. – MeJulyTruly on Youtube

A lovely historical novel for youths that will captivate the reader. – Kathrin Müller, Phantásienreisen

Titus Müller had me truly mesmerized with his beautiful writing style and the exciting story. – Angela Inger, The Bookworms

Exciting and vivid. – Janine, Squirrels Bücherreise

Despite the serious subject matter, a wonderful story. My second book by Titus Müller, and once again I was riveted. – Franziska Huhnke, Bücherchaos

I would warmly recommend The Enemy’s Kiss to any youngster who claims not to like reading about history. Let it show you that the past can be more exciting than you may think! – Anna Milo, Clees Bücherwelt