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There are few books which are such a pleasure and so beneficial to read. – Marcela Drumm, SWR2

Hollywood, please turn this into a film! – Grazia

Titus Müller is a lively and at the same time very precise narrator. Recently published by Blessing Verlag, his novel paints a clear picture of recent German history for the reader. – Cornelia Geissler, Berliner Zeitung

Exciting historical drama [..] The fast-paced and thrilling way in which Müller plays with reality is not far from the tragic truth. – Steffen Könau, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Titus Müller applies his colourful perspective as a historian to make the year 1953 come alive again. – Ralf Julke, Leipziger Internet-Zeitung

The story is captivating not just because of the masterful portrayal of the historical background, but above all thanks to the author’s formidable linguistic expertise. – Martina Pahr, Wege

An authentic novel about the uprising of 17 June. – SUPERillu

Well informed and thrilling. As someone who experienced and suffered first-hand through that 17th of June and the days before and after, I can only welcome the fact that these dramatic events and their background have been snatched from oblivion. – Hans-Joachim Martens, Idea Spektrum

An excellent, sweeping novel that veritably sucks the reader into the past and leaves them feeling as if they were at the heart of the action. This is due on the one hand to the subject matter, which is still relatively ›untouched‹ and exciting in itself, and on the other to the author’s storytelling, which manages to whisk the reader away and take them through the events in a manner only very few writers can achieve. – Birgit Borloni,