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Two very different people come together and start afresh, having found each other in the face of catastrophe: Müller proves himself to be a silver-tongued spinner of tales. – Hamburger Abendblatt

The daily life on board the famous ship provides the meat for Müller's tale, even more than Hensen's Psalm at Journey's End. Anyone who wants to learn more about the luxury liner and her catastrophic end will get their money's worth. – Swiss Radio DRS1

Thrillingly worked-out details. – TITANIC-News

Just another Titanic novel? Far from it. The author slips into the spirit of the era and lets the reader sink into a time, in which many simmered with anti-war thoughts. In spite of all of the background, it is the people in the novel whom Titus Müller brings vibrantly to life. Because their behavior is both believable and understandable, they become friends with their readers. –

The meticulously researched details breathe so much live into Müller's story as he sketches out an image of Berlin on the eve of the First World War. – Wiesbadener Kurier

Titus Müller understands brilliantly how to artistically weave the threads and figures of his story into a portrait of the period. – Bücher

The tale dances gracefully between a love story, a drama, a social documentary, and other genres, including the detective novel. Outstanding entertainment, splendidly narrated, gripping up to the final page! – Der Hörspiegel

A tale of dreams and hopes, about disappointments and lies, about doubt and courage, about the dissolution of a marriage and magnanimity, which one occasionally comes across. It is a wonderful book. Once you pick up Dance beneath the Stars, you won't put it down any time soon, that is, until you finish it. It will cause you sleepless nights and turn you into an anti-social person, because READING will become your only desire. – Nicola Wagner,