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The recently published novel Berlin, Land of Fire is packed with historical insight about the German capital. Titus Müller has succeeded in writing a highly entertaining historical novel set at the time of the March Revolution. – Jochen Kienbaum, RBB TV Channel, »Abendschau«

One of this novel’s great strengths is how the historical characters are genuinely brought to life by their personalities and their actions – one example being Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV. [...] With the extremely intensified events and exact descriptions of the milieu, Müller succeeds in creating a historical snapshot that simply shines. – Patric Seibel, NDR Kultur

This historical novel is most enjoyable when it is portraying the city itself, which at the time was home to some 400,000 souls. How it bubbles and seethes at every corner, how more and more Berliners gather to protest despite a ban on public assemblies, ultimately in their tens of thousands at the Tiergarten. – Peter Zander, Berliner Morgenpost

The March revolution, before so distant, here becomes something up close. – Hella Kaiser, Der Tagesspiegel

Müller combines carefully researched historical and political contexts, a credible love story and a gripping plot. – Elisabeth Dietz, BÜCHER

It is interesting to read about life in the City Palace, which includes political intrigue and the folly of the powerful. – Kajsa Niehusen, Zitty

Atmospherically dense and very gripping … In his novel Titus Müller tells of the first days of the March Revolution of 1848. … Thus is how history entertains. – Cathrin Brackmann, WDR4

There is often a fine line between opportunists and hardliners, between victims and perpetrators. Titus Müller succeeds in developing sensitive psychograms of his protagonists. – Manfred Hitzeroth, Oberhessische Presse

A tale full of love and adventure, meticulously researched, gripping and atmospherically narrated. – Uwe Birnstein, Die Kirche

An absolutely worthwhile read, this novel will captivate you and breathe life into a piece of German history. – Bettina Weiß,

Vivid and exciting. – Susanne Kuna, WAZ Westfälische Rundschau