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Happiness Has a Thousand Colors

Titus Müller shows us how to rediscover the treasures we have long since lost. The art of waiting. The art of serenity. The art of not fretting. The art of living consciously in a moment.

2012 published as »Glück hat tausend Farben« by Adeo Verlag, Asslar. 176 pp.


The Little Book on Happiness in Everyday Life

Everyday life does not have to be drab! You will smile when you read about what Titus Mueller experiences and how he writes about it. It is so easy to see yourself in his position. His anecdotes also get you thinking about yourself and the people dear to you ... about work and recreation ... about life ... about love ... about faith. Titus Mueller reminds us, that life can be viewed from two sides. And he gives advice how and where we can have small, colorful, happy experiences.

2010 published as »Das kleine Buch vom Alltagsglück« by Brunnen Verlag, Gießen. 160 pp.


The Little Book for Connoisseurs of Living Well

Do you have to be born a connoisseur of living well to practice the art of living? No. You can learn it - and it isn't all that hard! Titus Müller narrates from his own experiences, and offers tips on a number of topics, such as: how to pass more easily and more spontaneously through the day, how to gather up the gifts that God lays at our feet every day, and how to deal with day-to-day accidents in a less tragic manner. Suggestions for how to find more joy in life, offered in more than 40 small servings.

2009 published as »Das kleine Buch für Lebenskünstler« by Brunnen Verlag, Gießen. 160 pp.
Rights sold to: Poland (Wydawnictwo Św. Wojciecha)


To Live from Happiness

How do you find the little miracles in daily life? How do you enjoy them? Using everyday stories, this book will help you to live more intensively, happily, and thankfully. Whether you submerge yourself in the bath to hear your own heart beat, smile at a stranger, or make a sandwich using odd ingredients, this book – with its suggestions and amusing tales – will help you break out of your rut.

2006 published as »Vom Glück zu leben« by Brunnen Verlag, Gießen. 160 pp.
Rights sold to: Poland (Wydawnictwo Św. Wojciecha)