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Violins of Hope
208 pp.
17,99 Euro
Adeo Verlag

Berlin, Land of Fire
480 pp.
9,99 Euro
Heyne/Random House

The Day X
400 pp.
19,99 Euro
Blessing/Random House


The Day X

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The Jesuits published in Spain

And what a gripping cover have they given my novel! It shows the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The story: Antero Moreira de Mendonça, a young natural scientist, has long hated the Jesuits. In 1755, an earthquake of biblical proportions strikes Lisbon and the Jesuits use the destruction as an opportunity to preach about the wrath of God. The quake also provides Antero with a chance for avenging himself on the Order. But Gabriel Malagrida, the Jesuit leader revered as a prophet, proves to be a powerful enemy.

With help from Leonor, a German merchant’s daughter, Antero succeeds in escaping from the dungeon and the hangman. But what Antero doesn’t know is that Leonor is among Malagrida’s followers. Who holds the keys to Leonor’s heart – Antero or her vicious fellow believers?


»The Mystery«

De Fontain has published my novel »The Mystery« in the Netherlands. Munich 1336. Nemo is a master of disguise. He has every reason to conceal his true identity because he bears a dangerous secret: the legacy of the Cathars. However, Nemo’s past catches up with him when Amiel of Ax comes to Munich. Amiel is the charismatic head of a secret church spreading through Munich's underground.

Now the Inquisition and William of Ockham, the renowned English Franciscan friar and confidant of the German emperor, are willing to join forces to destroy Amiel. Nemo is caught between the two fronts, thus initiating a dramatic fight about the sacred legacy. The Mystery is not only a gripping read, but also a journey into a fascinating past. The novel is based on historic persons and facts.


»The Spectacle Maker«

Published in Spain by Espasa Calpe: In 1387, spectacle making is an extremely difficult task and only a few masters can command this skill. As masters of sight, spectacle makers have power where swords would fail. Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury, understands their importance: he wants to use them to crush the secret society of the Cloaked Knights because they are hiding Hereford, the outlawed professor who is illegally translating the bible into English. But Elias Rowe, one of the best spectacle makers, refuses to support Courtenay’s cause.

When Elias’ young wife, Catherine, finds him dead in his workshop one morning, she is thrust into the power struggle between the archbishop and the secret society. All she wants to do is to learn her husband’s craft in order to find his murderers, instead, she could end up as collateral in a bloody war.


May 23 - May 23

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18:30 Uhr


Lesung aus »Der Tag X« in der Thalia-Buchhandlung, Karolinenstraße 53, 90402 Nürnberg, dazu ein Werkstattgespräch zur Entstehung des Romans mit meinem Lektor Dr. Edgar Bracht (Blessing Verlag)

09:30 Uhr


Autorentreffen mit drei Vorträgen: »Zwischen Lummerland und Kaufland – Kinder- und Jugendbücher schreiben« (Stefan Wendel), »Die Bedeutung des Verhältnis von unbewusster Phantasie und bewusster Gestaltung für das Entstehen gelungener Romane« (Edgar Bracht) und »Details entdecken« (Titus Müller) im...

14:30 Uhr


Lesung aus »Der Tag X« in der Adventgemeinde, Moltkestraße 26, 72072 Tübingen



Autorenwerkstatt vom 3.-4. Juni. Damit Unterhaltungsromane verlegt werden, brauchen sie das gewisse »Etwas« , einen besonderen Ansatz, eine literarische Finesse oder ein einzigartiges Thema. Was dieses besondere »Etwas« sein könnte, wollen mein Lektor Dr. Edgar Bracht und ich in dem Seminar...